Strength, power,and masculinity; buzz words seen in the media and pop culture.

This documentary explores how dominance and power influence relationships. Thought provoking and controversial, yet brutally honest in its approach, this film dares to shatter illusions and raise complex issues regarding dominance, masculinity and submission.

The director encounters 15 men whose identity revolves around power, strength and control. The camera captures insightful conversations allowing unusual access to the deeper, psychological aspects of their lives. Early childhood experiences are revealed which motivates relationship issues.

Interview after interview we hear their revelations, about dating, masculinity, and power. It is out of these illuminating conversations that form the basis of this documentary.

From influential, authors and academics to sex symbols and everyone in between, we gain a range of perspectives into the maze of conflicting attitudes regarding masculinity, power and sex appeal.

Extraordinary and dramatic, the final 20 minutes of the film explodes into an emotional roller coaster as men confront their intimate and sometimes disturbing childhood experiences which motivate their behavior.

The film reaches its conclusion pondering the balance between sexual attraction, fantasies and the search for loving relationships.